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How to Trellis Tomato Plants the Ultimate Guide

Tomato trellis is another great way to support your plants like staking and caging. Besides trellis for tomato plants can also help to keep your plants off the ground and save from some unexpected diseases.

Different tomato varieties need different types of trellising systems. In addition, your personal interest, plant demand, and trellis design also may vary to choose the right tomato trellising methods.

So, keep continuing reading more about trellising tomato plants.

5 Reasons You Should Trellis Tomato Plants

  • To keep your tomato plants upright
  • Easier and cheaper than other tomato supporting methods
  • Best suits for commercial gardens
  • Big harvest
  • Safe and clean fruits

Methods of Trellising Tomatoes

There is no specific number of methods to trellis your tomatoes. Your tomato trellising methods mainly depends on tomato varieties, space, purposes of uses and budget. Here I discuss the most common methods of trellising tomatoes.

Florida Weave Trellis

This method is cheaper than other tomato supporting method and best suits for the commercial garden. If you have enough space and planning for large production this method will suit you best.

Florida Weave Trellis

Determinate tomatoes perform better in this method but indeterminate tomato plants can also grow in this method if you use longer and sturdier stakes to support the plants.

Vertical Wire Trellis

Vertical wire trellis or diagonal wire trellis both are very helpful for tomato plants. Both determinate and indeterminate tomatoes get benefit from wire trellis. For larger and heavier production, you can use strong wire trellis.

Vertical wire trellis for tomatoes

Vertical String Trellis

String trellis method is very common in the United States and Canada for supporting tomato plants. It is very easy to install on tomato plants and remove them after the end of the season.

The most common vertical string trellis is followings:

  • T-Post String Trellis
  • A-Shape String Trellis
  • Diagonal String Trellis
  • Wooden Frame String Trellis
  • Post2post line trellis
  • Tunnel trellis
T-Post Tomato Trellis
A-Frame Tomato Trellis
Diagonal Wire Trellis for tomatoes


You can use your garden fence to support your tomato plants for proper utilization of your garden space.

Fencing for Tomato Trellis

Do tomatoes need a trellis?

Frankly speaking, all the indeterminate tomatoes need a trellis or other types of tomato plant support like staking or caging.

Determinate and semi-determinate tomato varieties also perform well when they get support like tomato trellis.

Dwarf, patio or ornamental type tomato varieties are very small in sizes. And, you can even grow them in a tiny container. So, a trellis is not necessary for these types of tomatoes.

Besides, most of the cherry tomatoes are vine type and they need a trellis or other plant support. On the other hand, bush type cherry tomatoes don’t need a trellis at all.

Typically, Roma tomatoes are determinate in type and they become heavier when get matured. So, they need tomato support like a trellis to take the extra load of the fruits. 

8 Common Tomato Trellis Ideas

Wooden Tomato Trellis

Wooden tomato trellis idea is the most common and comparatively easier to implement than other ideas. If you want to make your own trellis wooden structure will be a good choice.

You can make any type of tomato trellis with wooden structures such as T-post, post2post, diagonal, A-frame or tunnel trellis.

A-Frame Tomato Trellis

You can use a wooden frame or bamboo sticks to make your A-frame tomato trellis. Besides you can apply vertical string trellis or diagonal trellis using A-frame methods.

PVC Tomato Trellis

Post2post or T-post methods best suits for PVC tomato trellis. You can use plastic or metal PVC for trellising tomatoes.

Overhead Tomato Trellis

Overhead tomato trellis works for specific tomato varieties and a little bit expensive than other tomato trellis ideas.

T-Post Tomato Trellis

This method of trellising system is easier than any other methods. You can apply vertical string trellis, or diagonal trellising using T-post.

Single Stem Tomato Trellis

If you want to produce bigger tomatoes in smaller quantity use single stem tomato trellis. Vertical string trellis and other string trellis methods best suits for this method.

Bamboo Tomato Trellis

Bamboo trellis is sturdier than other trellising methods. Moreover, you can build most of the tomato trellising system using bamboo.

Cattle Panel Tomato Trellis

You can use cattle panel for diagonal trellis, vertical trellis, tunnel trellis or overhead tomato trellis.

Trellising tomato plants is an art. In the above discussion I explain the most common tomato methods and how to use them properly. But your own innovative ideas will generate the best methods that suit you.

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