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15 Common Mistakes in Fertilizing Tomatoes That Beginners Do

There are several reasons people make mistakes while feeding their tomato plants. Most of the beginner gardeners often make the following mistakes. 1: Fertilizing Before Testing Soil Fertilizing your tomato plants before getting the soil test is a great mistake. Imbalanced fertilization may bring you a negative result. So, you should know first the real […]

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What Size Pot for Tomatoes & How Much Potting Soil Do I Need

Growing tomatoes in containers are very popular for gardeners who have space limitations. Besides some hobby gardeners also try potting tomatoes for new experiments and other purposes. Nonetheless choosing the right size of pots for your different tomato varieties is a little bit confusing for the beginners. People often ask “What size pot for tomatoes?”. […]

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14 Tips for Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Pots: Bush or Vine

Growing cherry tomato in pots is the best solution for home gardeners if you have space limitations. Besides, you can grow both bush and vine type cherry tomatoes in pots indoors and outdoors. However, growing tomatoes in pots is a little bit different from conventional gardening. So, you should get the following tips to start […]